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product arrow Talking Hamster MIMICRY PET

Mimicry Pet ~ Talking Hamster.. Hamster yang dapat meniru suara kita, baik bahasa Indonesia, ingris, korea, arab dll, Hamster ini dapat menirunya. Hamster ini juga dapat ber "joget" pada saat bersuara, sangat Lucu dan Menggemaskan!

Product  Description
Mimicry Pet Rapper
The New Mimicry Pets imitate you in a rhythm of rap!

Material:soft velvet 100% polyester padding

Battery: 3AAA do not included
The copycat stuffed toy of a hamster pretty light
Anything imitates the words that you talked to and talks.(six seconds recording)

I SAY WHAT YOU SAY !!!TRY ME !!! I bet you`ve never seen a cooler piquant hamster! Would you bring me home? hohoho....
The item will be hot gift for Xmas, Christmas, make you happy everytime with repeating sound.
-The hamster will be able to speak whatever language you say to it!!
-Whether you speak Russian, English, Spanish, Korean or Japanese and ect, your hamster will mimic
-Your language or even sound while shaking its head !
-Just turn it on and talk to it and this cute hamster will make you laugh!