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product arrow Little Joy Box 15in1 Toys

Price Rp 225.000 Beli

Little Joy Box = 15 Permainan dalam 1 kotak, ada drum, mic, music, bell, setir2an, dll. terbuat dari bahan yang AMAN dan ber-kwalitas, sangat cocok untuk anak 9 bulan keatas.

 Main features:
1.Hammer and ball,use the hammer to hit the button,the ball will jump high with the interesting music,and the heads of the little animals rotate. Stretching games,apple and banana handles can be pulled out to play.

2.Microphone and TV game.The microphone can be controled in volume.Children can be easy to rap into the microphone.TV screen will show the lovely patterns.When you turn off the microphone,the TV screen will be a small mirror to look at your cute face.

3.Practise the car driving,when you start the car ,it will issue the vivid start sound.Turn the steering wheel,the car is driving now. It’s funny to press the speaker and hear the “baba”sound.

4.Play the music, press a auto performance key to play music automatically. Each time click selection key and play different music(eight pieces to choose).There are 2 drone gear,rotate the handle and play a note of music,so that the children can be a musician.

5.Shift the scene mode to learn more knowledge.Press the doorbell and change the different scenes(3 scenes). Scene 1:In the morning ,the cock is crowing,the bird is singing,the children get up and cleen the teeth. Scene 2:In the birthday part, they are applausing and singing birthday songs.Scene 3:At night,the children want to sleep with the lullaby. Crickets is singing outside the window.

6.Play the drum, hit the drum with a hammer and issue a number of different interesting sound.The children can play abacus game and learn arithmetic at anytime and anywhere.Let the children get more knowledge from the games. Little joy box brings a lot of funny to children.It produces with environmental protection material.